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Increase your Laptop Battery’s Life

How to increase your Laptop Battery’s Life? Here’s a simple tip to increase your Laptop’s battery life regardless of manufacturer, operating system or programs running. Lower the backlighting on your screen.

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Registry Problems

Did you know that many computer problems occur as a result of registry problems?  If you don’t know what a registry is, then be sure you do NOT do anything to it, it’s time to Contact Us.  Be careful with Registry Cleaners, but certainly back up the […]

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Recover from a Windows XP Crash

Did you know that Windows XP has the ability to recover from a catastrophic system crash?  Just run Windows in Safe Mode and run System Restore located in the Accessories and System Tools folder in your Program Files.  You can roll the PC back a day or […]

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Quick Tip: Defragment

Quick Tip: Always defragment and repair hard drives on a regular basis, at least biweekly (two times a month). This PC tip will greatly increase performance if it has not been run before.

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Run a good anti-virus program every week

Run a good anti-virus program every week and keep it running to protect you from incoming viruses.  We can recommend a superb FREE program for home use which is provided by an Enterprise Level firm.  Always use adware / spyware removal programs to keep privacy and protect […]

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Temporary File Cleaners

Use a temporary file cleaner that gets rid of temp files and internet clutter on a regular, basis, after especially after heavy internet use. Clean temporary files at least once a week.

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