Hourly* Rates

Advance Scheduled (24 hour notice)

          Weekdays 9am to 5pm $129.00/hr (On-Site), $79.00/hr (Remote)

          Nights and Weekends $199.00/hr (On-Site), $129.00/hr (Remote)

Emergency (4 hour notice)

         Weekdays 9am to 5pm $149.00/hr (On-Site), $99.00/hr (Remote)

          Nights and Weekends $249.00/hr, $179.00/hr (Remote)

Trip / Travel Charges (From 75028)

5 to 10 miles $35.00

10 to 20 miles $75.00

20 to 40 miles $95.00

40+ miles $95.00 + $5.00/mile

Monthly Contract Rates

$85.00 – 1 computer workstation

$80.00 per workstation for 2-3 computer workstations

$75.00per workstation for 4-8 computer workstations

$70.00 per workstation for 9-15 computer workstations

$65.00 per workstation for 15-25 computer workstations

$175.00 per Server

Monthly Plan includes unlimited phone support, remote desktop support, and one site visit per month (up to an hour per workstation/server) to keep your systems running smoothly (hardware upgrades and replacement not included).  Additional site visits are billed at a discounted hourly rate based on contract size.  Support response time is guaranteed in 4 business hours (9am to 5pm M-F).  All hardware and software is purchased by the customer separately or from GWK Technologies at a discounted rate.

*Note: All rates billed in half hour increments, minimum 1 hour billing.  Call for discounted rates when you participate in Quarterly maintenance plans and/or Managed Workstation / Server plans.