Our trained experts are ready to help you in the event that you lose data from your hard drive. The first step is for our trained professionals to evaluate the potential causes for drive failure. You can be assured that our professionals take care to avoid many of the missteps that can put a failed drive at further risk of having unrecoverable data.

Often, we are able to solve the issue that made the data inaccessible. When the hard drive has damage to its internal parts, such as the drive motor or the head stack assembly, we refer the case to 24 Hour Data in Plano, TX.  24 Hour Data engineers will examine your drive, using a clean room if necessary, and will quote you a price to recover your data.

Once their recovery process is complete, 24 Hour Data will review their results; and depending on the nature of the recovery, they will review what’s been recovered before they charge you for the process.

Hard drive failures are upsetting, and we’re here to give you the best route to data recovery.

Please print out the form from the link below and bring it and the drive to 24 Hour Data at this address:  811 E. Plano Pkwy #124, Plano, TX 75074

24 Hour Data Recovery Form